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All About us


We rejoice being rebels


We mess with boring & dated theatre norms, using experimental tech to create truly exciting & unique experiences for our audiences.


We put female identifying voices at the heart of all we do.


We don't bend to meet limiting expectations of who we are & what we can do. We are not disposable.

What we do

No one is disposable.


The UnDisposables was founded by Esther Joy Mackay in 2017 to provide a supportive community for emerging artists. Since then, we have engaged with over 250 artists and provided a platform for nearly 100 new plays through our in-person and virtual new writing night Scratching the Surface (renamed Scratching the Servers in lockdown). In 2019, following our critically-acclaimed productions of The Wasp and The Jailer’s Daughter, we were made an Associate Company of the Space Theatre in East London.


It’s common in today’s industry for creatives to be thought of as expendable or easily replaceable. Our name boldly rejects this idea, showing the world that artists don't need to wait for someone else's approval to do what they do best.

Female centred stories.


For too long has the arts been overpopulated with wet, poorly written and un-fleshed out female characters. Our work revolves around platforming a diverse range of female identifying voices in the arts. We do this through operating gender-blind casting, regularly commissioning female writers and programming full-scale productions of female centred stories. We are committed to hiring at least 50% female identifying artists and crew for all of our productions.

Technology in theatre.


We're nerdy. And we like challenging the conventions of theatre. So we decided to combine these passions by injecting new and old technology in to our theatre productions, deliberately messing up and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. In 2019 we commissioned the creation of our bespoke audience voting controllers, which we have lots of fun playing with to f*** with form and storytelling.

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