Our Mission


Provide an open and collaborative creative community.


Maintain an absolute commitment to creating new opportunities.


Ensure all opportunities are as accessible and welcoming as possible.


No one is disposable.


The UnDisposables provides a supportive network and platform for artists to collaborate on developing their skills and creating new work within the arts.  

We are a collective of artists with varying skill sets, from actors to composers to filmmakers and beyond. We came together to combine these skills, allowing us to do what we love by creating our own opportunities within an industry which we feel is often too controlled by gatekeepers.


It’s common in today’s industry for emerging artists to be thought of as expendable or easily replaceable. Our name boldly rejects this idea, showing the world that artists don't need to wait for someone else's approval to do what they do best.

Art is an open space for anyone and everyone.

Our Team

Esther Joy Mackay

Artistic Director

Conor Gray

Resident Producer

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Hannah Whyman

Resident Artist

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Kat Tinnirello-Savvas

Resident Artist

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Madeleine Corner

Resident Director

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Sarah Fox

Resident Director

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Tom Triggs

Resident Sound Desiger