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We're a High Wycombe-based theatre company known for our innovative, tech-infused productions

No one is disposable.

Founded in 2017, The UnDisposables is a female-led theatre company dedicated to empowering emerging artists to do what they do best without waiting for anyone else's approval. 

In recent years, we’ve embraced our nerdy roots. Harnessing our love for technology, we've seamlessly integrated it into our theatrical productions, purposefully disrupting and expanding the limits of what's achievable. We invented our own handheld and app based audience controllers for our choose-your-own-adventure style productions. We revel in this creative mischief, producing unique in-person experiences and reshaping the very essence of form and storytelling.


Our core values revolve around platforming a diverse range of female-identifying voices in the arts. We do this through operating gender-blind casting, regularly commissioning female writers and programming full-scale productions of female-centred stories. We are committed to hiring at least 50% female identifying artists and crew for all of our productions.

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