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Scratching the Surface:


22 March 2019

Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre

A night of new writing.

Fair Cop

Writer Nicky Denovan

Director Adam Sabatti

Amanda Amanda Dahl

Shaun Matthew Martin

Jamie Hannah Whyman

No Place For The Faint-Hearted

Writer Andrew Willshire

Director Katerina Tinnirello-Savvas

John Roger Conneff

Arnold Matthew Martin

Morag Harriet Earle

Julie Michelle Hudson

Are you going to Leave me?

Writer Grace Bouchard

Director Grace Bouchard

Amy Chloe Wade

Mihai Alexander Ballinger

Good For The Soul

Writer Roger Lee

Director Amanda Dahl

Steph Lily-Marion Flora Scanlon

Priest Tommy Love

Bim Jamie Terry

The Care Act

Writer Peter Ramsey

Director Michael Cummings

Trudy Michelle Hudson

Amanda Caspian Cunningham

Love Stings

Writer Tom Mellors

Director Mark Singer

Simon Michael Cummings

Jeremy Matthew Martin

Myra Alma Reising


Writer HJ Hampson

Director Amy Willshire

Sarah Katerina Tinirello-Savvas

Max Tommy Love

Pete Alexander Ballinger

Trixie Brora Willshire

True Love's Kiss

Writer Katerina Tinirello-Savvas

Director Katerina Tinirello-Savvas

Prince Cederic Jaymin Michaels

Princess Genevieve Hannah Whyman

Sidekick Sedgewick Jamie Terry

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