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esther joy mackay

writing | design | voice over

Critically acclaimed writer, graphic designer & voice over artist, Esther works with both creative and corporate clients to deliver versatile, engaging and memorable content.


 Available to hire on a freelance basis. Contact Esther for bespoke & flexible rates.

A bit about me


I've worked for a wide variety of arts institutions & media companies, including Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on London's Bankside, Global Agency group Dentsu international and, most recently, working closely with the Space Theatre on the Isle of Dogs.


strive to be hands-on in creating positive change in the industry, and take great pleasure in creating the types of work which the arts is currently lacking. Above all, I enjoy working with people as ferociously determined and passionate as I am.

​My top interests are:

Dark & twisted thrillers

Experimental form & technology in theatre

Feminist adaptations


Tongue-in-cheek comedy

"Esther is a one-woman producing powerhouse. She’s a gift to any director who works with her and seems to find more hours in the day than the rest of us. Her deep understanding of all aspects of theatre mean she not only understands the importance of a well-produced play but has the creative vision to go above and beyond and get shit done. Her can-do attitude and ambition has pushed me to go further in projects than I would have done and they have all been the better for having Esther involved. Trustworthy, unflappable and brilliant. I hope to work with her for the rest of my career."

Sarah Fox, Director


Interested in hiring me for your next project?

Get in touch!


I offer flexible and bespoke rates for my services. Simply ask for a quote, make me an offer or just start the conversation by dropping me an email below:

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