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OPEN CALL for ACTORS & DIRECTORS: Scratching the Surface 2020

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Scratching the Surface RETURNS on 24th April 2020. Same new writing night, same open call for writers, but for the first time ever, Scratching the Surface has a new home at the Space theatre in East London/ the Docklands.

We are looking for a company of actors and team of directors to work on the chosen 8 scenes. We encourage those involved to take on two scenes if they have the time. This is a change for you to stretch your creative muscles and challenge yourself to try something new!


  • 8 varied pieces by different writers (can be extracts from longer plays, monologues or short plays), no longer than 10 minutes each and including up to 4 characters/actors (see here for details on applying as a writer)

  • A team of directors to take on a scene (or two!) each.

  • A company of actors to bring these pieces to life.

Director? Why not take on a scene outside of your usual comfort zone.

Actor? How about you exercise those acting muscles with a brand new character.

Scratching the Surface is a place for growth, learning and professional experience which you can stick on your CVs and casting profiles. It’s also a great space to meet and work with like-minded creatives.

You can apply for multiple roles (e.g. actor and director and writer if you're a superhuman!) and we will consider you for all you apply for, but you may not be guaranteed all the roles you apply for.


We have created a quick and easy Google form for you to complete. There are two versions of the form so make sure you select the correct one.

This form is for all applicants who have an existing Google account.

...and this form is for everyone who can't/doesn't want to create a Google account.

The reason for the two forms is because the first form requires you to sign into to your Google account to upload the required documents (scripts, CVs, etc). The second form is to allow Google-less people to still apply by sending these documents to us via email. Other than this small difference, the forms are identical, so don't worry about missing anything!

All is explained in the forms so fill them in and get in touch if you have any questions.

You can contact us on*

*please only use this address for asking questions and submitting documents, not instead of completing the Google Form. If you send your full application to the email and not on the Google form, your submission may not be considered.

Please be aware that this is a voluntary project. Because of this, all rehearsals will therefore be scheduled around everyone's day jobs and other paid commitments. No one involved (including the UnDisposable Creative Team) will be receiving any payment or expenses for their input to Scratching the Surface. All proceeds go towards funding the future work of The UnDisposables, allowing us to continue to create opportunities for emerging creatives in the arts. By taking part you are not only helping to create new opportunities and work in the arts, but you'll also be meeting and working with a group of like-minded creatives and challenging yourself to try something new.

So what are you waiting for? Get applying!


Tickets for Scratching the Surface are already on sale, and can be bought here

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