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New Beginnings

New website, new strategy and new and exciting events to be announced. Are you excited yet?

We've decided to take 2018 on with some gusto, starting with a new brand and a new shinny website.

Our new website is designed to be a communal playground for UnDisposable Members to share their ideas of new work, collaborate and support each other within the arts industry. We have some features we've specially made to share our work and reach out to a wider community.

Introducing the Ideas Space Forum

The Ideas Space is an interactive forum community where UnDisposable members can share their ideas for new projects, connect with other members and collaborate on creating new work. Members can share and apply for castings or writing submissions. This really is the birthplace for new projects and our hope is that the forum will be the starting point for an endless stream of new work. The page is visible to everyone, but only members may post and apply for opportunities.

Introducing UnDisposable News

The News page of our website is where to head to read all about the ins and outs of the UnDisposables. This is where the core UnDisposable team will share our official plans for new projects, events, workshops and much more. We will also be posting our own thoughts and comments on the industry we're working in, all within our principals of positivity, collaboration and supporting our fellow artists.

Introducing Meetings & Events

We will regularly host meetings, events and socials for UnDisposable members and guests. These get togethers will range from small meetings over a pint/cup of tea in which we discuss the company as a whole, to large scale public performances in venues around London and the UK. Details of all these events can be found on the Events page on our website. Everyone is welcome to attend our events. They are a fantastic opportunity for artists who are considering membership to meet with the team and get to know us better.

Introducing Membership

What is this Membership I keep mentioning? Well, in keeping with all things new, we have introduced a more structured set up for artists to join the UnDisposables. Membership entitles you to have full access to our website, including creating you a profile on our Members page for those involved to connect with others - a little bit like our own UnDisposables Facebook! It also allows you to post your own ideas, castings and thoughts on our forum and enables you to take part and apply for all UnDisposable projects in whatever capacity you wish, be that as an actor, producer, writer or anything else that needs doing!

Read more about membership on our 'Becoming UnDisposable' post on our News page.

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